West Hollow Experience

-: Mike Hussy

This is such a wonderful place to live. I’ve been living here at West Hollow Apartments for 4 years now and ever since I moved here they have made many updates to the property and it feels safer everyday that goes by. The customer service is wonderful here and they get back to you as soon as they can and fix any issues as fast as they can. The property is up to date and it is beautiful.

Excellent and safe

-: Ana

Been living here for about 7 months and so far I can say this is one of the best apartment complexes I have lived in the Houston area. My son and I walk around at night and still feel safe. It is very well lit and I have noticed the security officer actually doing their job and not just sitting in their vehicles. The apartment itself is good and it is how you decorate your home to make it homely. My fridge went out on Friday morning and by Friday afternoon they changed out my fridge for a new one so I noticed the maintenance comes pretty quick here as soon as you put in a request. Management is nice and seems to really care about making it a great family environment. I will stay here as long as I live in Houston. Ana

Happy 3 years resident

-: Zenifar Lopez

I've been living here for 2 years and resign for another year. The office staff and maintenance are friendly and helpful West Hollow is truly a convenient place to live due to location prices and services we love West Hollow


-: Tony

I have been living here for a little more than two years and so far I have been loving it . It's such a nice and safe place to live especially for my family maintenance and office staff are such nice and professional people. Also we did not suffer any damages from hurricane Harvey we did not have one single flood. Thank you West Hollow for being such an amazing environment to live.